Visiting Scholars

2008 Visiting Scholars

Prof. LIU Zhiquing

Professor LIU Zhiquing is a professor of History and Social Development, Anyang Normal University. He is also the director of Research Institute of Religious Culture of the same university. His main research interest is history of religion and has published a book namelyReligions and Society (2005).

Professor Liu was invited by the Centre for Catholic Studies as a visiting scholar from April to June, 2008. During this period, he worked on the project: “Comparative Study of the history of missionary activities of PIME in four dioceses of mainland China.” He also presented a research report on the History and Present Situation of the Tian Jia Jing Pilgrimage Site. Besides, he also presented a paper in the conference “Celibacy/Marriage: Women and Church Ministry.”

Mr. ZHANG Dian is a lecturer of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan. He is also a doctoral student of the Landscape Architecture Program, School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, Melbourne. His research topic is the Comparative Study of Cemeteries in Melbourne and Hong Kong.

Professor Liu was invited by the Centre for Catholic Studies as a visiting scholar from April to June, 2008, to collect information for his dissertation and presented a paper in the conference on Cemetery Studies.

Prof. KANG Zhijie

Professor KANG Zhijie is an associate professor of the Department of Political Science of Wubei University, teaching Christian Culture, Historical Studies of Chinese Christianity, etc. Her works include Liturgical feast days of Christianity (2000), Christianity along the Yangtze River(2006), The Vineyard of God — A Case Study of a Catholic Community in North-west Wubei, 1636-2005(2006). Besides, Prof. Kang has published more than 40 articles.

Professor Kang was invited as a visiting professor at the Centre for Catholic Studies from 19-25 April 2008 to present papers in the conferences on “Cemetery Studies” and “Celibacy/Marriage: Women and Church Ministry.”

Prof. Nicolas STANDAERT

Dr. Nicolas Standaert is the Professor of Sinology at University of Leuven. He studied Chinese History, Philosophy and Religion at Fudan University, Shanghai. His works include: Yang Tingyun, Confucian and Christian in Late Ming China: His Life and Thought (2002); Methodology in View of Contact Between Cultures: The China Case in the 17th Century (2002); The Fascinating God: A Challenge to Modern Chinese Theology Presented by a Text on the Name of God Written by a 17th Century Chinese Student of Theology (1995). His most recent book is The Interweaving of Rituals: Funerals in the Cultural Exchange between China and Europe(2008).

HUANG Pingying

Miss Huang Pingying is a researcher of the Hakka Study Centre, Taiwan National Central University. She was in charge of the journal on Mainland-Taiwan Research Project. She has conducted research on Hakka oral history (客家學口述史研究), and the Second Burial Custom of Hakka in Pingchen Town, Tao Yuen (桃園平鎮市客家二次葬習俗調查研究). She is also the executive editor of the journal Study on the Historical Development of the Two Straits (兩岸發展史研究).

Miss Huang is invited to present a paper in the conference of Cemetery Studies by the Centre for Catholic Studies.