Vatican II Council

The Second Vatican Council and the Local Church

Forty years ago, Pope John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council (hereafter as “Vatican II”), thus, starting the internal reform of the Catholic Church. After five years of discussion, this council with an impact on the global church promulgated and published 16 documents. This is a concrete response of the Catholic Church in the face of social change and challenges. Up till now, local Catholic churches are still exploring the spirit and meanings of this council, so as to seek the mission and responsibilities of the Church in human society.

On the one hand, this research will examine the development of theological thought after Vatican II, on the other hand, the implementation of the spirit of the Council in the local churches will be investigated, specifically:

the accumulated experiences of the local churches during the process of responding to the spirit of Vatican II;

the difficulties that the local churches face in the process of reform;

the solutions that the local churches employ and its effectiveness.

Experiences of the Hong Kong Church will be the focus of research in the first stage of the research. Experiences of the Chinese-speaking community in various churches will be examined in the second stage. Finally, an overall picture of the impact of Vatican II on local churches will be composed.