Taikoolau and historical development of Pokfulam District

Project overview

Taikoolau was a building complex consisted of staff hostel, primary school and chapel. In 1894, the French Society of Foreign Missions (MEP) bought the Douglas Castle and made it into a retreat and printing house. In order to cope with the expanding printing business, the MEP built a staff quarter at Claymore in Pokfulam. This staff quarter was called “Taikoolau”. Residents in Taikoolau were all Catholics. They grew in numbers and developed into one of the Catholic Villages in Hong Kong. This research project received sponsorship by the Lord Wilson Trust Heritage Fund in February 2012. Through oral history, field study and textual analysis, this project aims to:

  1. To reconstruct the history of Taikoolau where residents served as workers for the famous Nazareth Press run by the French Society of Foreign Missions
  2. To reconstruct the physical setting of Taikoolau.
  3. To publicize the cultural value and historical significance of Taikoolau.