Book Series on Catholic Studies

The release of Book Series on Catholic Studies by the Centre, aims at providing a platform for local and overseas scholars to make known their research results, encouraging more scholars to conduct research, so as to enable scholars of various disciplines to exchange ideas, and to enhance the understanding by the public of Catholic culture. Local and overseas scholars are invited to be advisors of the book series. The whole series is divided into four streams:

1. Research Series: Publish creative research works after academic assessment, including individual works and conference proceedings.

2. Translation Series: Publish Chinese translation of non-Chinese books, so as to enhance the understanding of Chinese speaking academia on foreign research works.

3. Historical Materials and Reference Tools Series: Publish tools which can facilitate research on Catholic Studies, including historical materials, dictionary, translation directory, and so on.

4. Liberal Studies Series: Publish books for the general public, aiming at promoting Catholic culture through popular means and themes related to daily life.

How to order

1. Please contact us in person during office hour (Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm).
2. Please contact the Catholic Centre.

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