2017 Public Lectures

“Sublimation of Death” Series

Date Topic Speaker Replay
20/01/2017 The Monumental Cemetery of Milan Prof. CHEUNG Chan-Fai Coming Soon
24/02/2017 Père Lachaise & Cemeteries in Paris Coming Soon
24/03/2017 Cimitero Stagliena in Genoa Coming Soon
21/04/2017 Cemeteries in Cuneo, Verona, and Torino Coming Soon


Date Topic Speaker(s) Replay
 17/02/2017 從《威尼斯商人》及「特倫多1475案」看中世紀以來歐洲猶太人的處境 賴雪芬女士、胡芷妡博士 不日更新
21/03/2017 What Salvation Do Christians Hope For? Prof. Werner Jeanrond Coming Soon
 03/04/2017 Christian Monks on Chinese Soil Bro. Matteo Nicolini-Zani Coming Soon
 10/04/2017 額我略曲與聖教日課在中國 吳家齊先生 Coming Soon