2012 Public Lectures

Friday Talks

Date Theme Speakers
27/01/2012 The Local, International and Cosmic Dimensions of Theology of Qi Dr. John CHENG Wai Leung
(Theology of Energy Researcher, Fu Jen Faculty of Theology)
03/02/2012 How are the Chinese Women Religious Institutes formed in China? Prof. KANG Zhijie
(Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Hubei University)

History of Catholic Villages: Series (II) — Taikoolau and Beyond

Date Theme Speakers
13/02/2012 Interpreting Mopan Mountain’s Catholic Community ─ A Quest for a Living Spiritual Culture Prof. KANG Zhijie
(Professor, Dept. of Political Science, Hubei University)
20/02/2012 The Good Old Days of Macau’s Jinjiaowei Chinese Catholic Community Sr. Beatrice LEUNG Kit Fun, PhD
(Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Greater China, Hong Kong Education Institute)
27/02/2012 Cholon Catholic Village in Vietnam Rev. Paul VALLAT, Rev. Gabriel LAJEUNE, MEP
(MEP priests)
05/03/2012 On Taikoolau in Length and Breadth, Inside and Outside Prof. Joseph TING
(Adjunct Professor, Dept. of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Date Theme Speaker
21/05/2012 Thomas Aquinas on the Emotions ─ Historical Overview and Contemporary Applications Rev. Nicholas LOMBARDO O.P., Ph.D.
(Assistant Professor, Historical and Systematic Theology, The Catholic University of America)

Tuesdays with Leo

Date Theme Speakers
12/06/2012 Seeking Harmony among Religions ─ Approaches to Interreligious Dialogue Prof. Leo D. LEFEBURE
(Matteo Ricci, S.J., Professor of Theology, Georgetown University)
26/06/2012 The Bible and the Buddha ─ Christian Interpretations of Scripture in Relation to Buddhists Prof. Leo D. LEFEBURE
(Matteo Ricci, S.J., Professor of Theology, Georgetown University)

“Taikoolau and BeyondRoundtable Conference

Date Theme Speakers
07/07/2012 一個社區工作者眼中的明之剛神父 SIN Chiu Hang
  明之剛神父小傳 Dr. LAM Suet Pik
(Assistant Director, Library, Holy Spirit Seminary College)
  薄扶林區與太古樓歷史發展概覽 /
Prof. Joseph TING / Rev. Dr. HA Keloon
(Adjunct Professor, Dept. of History, CUHK /Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK)
presented by WEN Kwok Hang
(Research Assistant, Centre for Catholic Studies, CUHK)
  回應 Dr. LAM Kit
(Research Associate, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK )
太古樓的人和事 Iris LAW
(Assistant Customer Services Manager, APA)
明之剛神父的足跡 Simon CHAN / Lily TSE
(Friends of Taikoolau / parishioner, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception)
Date Theme Speaker
21/09/2012 Gothic Churches and China Mission Prof. dr. Thomas COOMANS
(Dept. of Architecture, Urbanism & Planning, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Date Theme Speaker
15/11/2012 Touched by the Medieval ─ A Taste of Chartres



Date Theme Speakers
22/11/2012 西方建築的神聖空間體現 ─ 從早期基督宗教建築到現代主義 王寶龍建築師
29/11/2012 信仰表達和禮儀運作,與禮儀空間的相互關係,以及對社會的啟發 羅國輝神父
06/12/2012 旅行、朝聖與宗教建築文化 郭少棠教授