2011 Public Lectures

Date Theme Speakers
(co-organized with LEWI)

Mission of the Church of the East in China (635-1368)

Dr. CHU Sin-jan
(Ph.D., Boston University)
14/04/2011 Portrait of a Practical Visionary ─ Father Robert, MEP
and the Transfer from Wanchai to Causeway Bay of the St Paul de Chartres Establishments 1914-1919
Dr. Alain le PICHON
(Honorary Research Associate, Centre for Catholic Studies, CRS, CUHK)
12/05/2011 New Proofs for the Existence of God ─ Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy Rev. Dr. Robert J. SPITZER, PhD
(Former president of Gonzaga University; Founder of Magis Centre for Reason and Faith; Founder of Spitzer Centre for Ethical Leadership)


Biblical Translation in Chinese Roundtable Conference

Date Theme Speakers
20/05/2011 The History and Editions of Catholic Chinese Bible Translations Dr. Daniel K. T. CHOI
(Director, Translation and Ministry, Hong Kong Bible Society )
  From Sacred Scripture to Popular
Narrative ─ Tianzhu Jiangsheng Yanxing Jilue and its Later Adaptations in Qing China
Prof. Gang SONG
(Assistant Professor, School of Chinese, HKU)
  From Basset and Xu to Marshman and Morrison ─ Origin, Diffusion and Influence of Basset-Xu’s New Testament Translation Yong ZHOU
(Ph.D. candidate, Fudan University)
  Hymnic Characteristics in the New Testament ─ Wu Ching-hsiung’s
Translation and Appropriation
Prof. Francis K. H. SO
(President, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages; President, Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
21/05/2011 Four-character Set Phrases ─ a Study of their Use in the Catholic and Eastern-Orthodox Versions of the Chinese New Testament Dr. Toshikazu S. FOLEY
(Adjunct Assistant Professor, Holy Light Theological Seminary)
Persons’ Names in the New Testament: Foundations for a Faithful, Expressive and Elegant Rendering in Chinese Li LIU
(Research Assistant, Centre for Catholic Studies, CRS, CUHK )
Biblical Names of God in Chinese: A Catholic Point of View with Ecumenical Perspectives Rev. Dr. Francois BARRIQUAND
(Research Associate, Centre for Catholic Studies, CRS, CUHK)


Christianity and Sino-Mongolian Studies
(co-organized by Ferdinand Verbiest Institute, KU Leuven, Belgium)

Date Theme Speakers
(Public Talk)
晚清政府對新疆、蒙古和西藏政策研究 蘇德畢力格教授
(Roundtable Conference)
Fr. Antoon Mostaert and the “Nestorian Crosses” in Ordos, Inner Mongolia

Rev. Dr. Patrick TAVEIRNE
(Director and Research Fellow, Centre for Catholic Studies, CUHK; Associate Professor (by courtesy), Dept. of History, CUHK)

  Prof. Egami Namio and his Excavation in Olon Sume, Inner Mongolia Prof. Nakami TATSUO
(Professor, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa,Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)




「蒙藏報」編輯 ─ 左霈的生平

Rev. Dr. HA Keloon, Louis
(Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK; Associate Professor (by courtesy), Dept. of History, CUHK)

從緩遠公教醫院看天主教傳教士與緩遠社會的交融 劉青瑜教授
聖言上的樂音 ─ 以內蒙古鄂托克前旗彌撒點音樂個案為例


Neglected Christian Missionary Sources from Qinghai and Gansu for Tibetan and Mongol Studies Dr. Bianca HORLEMANN
(Associate Researcher,
Central Asia Seminar, Humboldt University, Berlin)


History of Catholic Villages: Series (I) — Taikoolau

Date Theme Speakers
08/09/2011 Nazareth Retreat and Printing house Fr. Bruno LEPEU, MEP
(Superior, Paris Foreign Missions)
15/09/2011 Influence of Religious and Moral Education to Taikoolau Village Rev. Dominic CHAN Chi-Ming, V.G.
(Vicar General, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong)
22/09/2011 Pokfulam District ─ past and present Friends of Taikoolau/Mr. SIN Chiu Hang
(Caritas Pokfulam Community Development Project)
06/10/2011 Biography of Fr. Rene Chevalier Dr. LAM Suet Pik
(Assistant Director, Holy Spirit Seminary College Library)