2009 Public Lectures

Thursday Spring Talks

Date Theme Speakers
26/02/2009 The Dignity of the Human Person
─ Insights from Genesis 2-3
Rev. Maurice HOGAN, Ph. D.
05/03/2009 Church-State Relationship after Handover of Sovereignty
─ the Hong Kong and Macau Churches
Sr. Beatrice LEUNG Kit Fun, Ph. D.
12/03/2009 An Unfinished Journey
─ Footprints of two Travelers
Mr. FUNG Man Keung, Ms. CHOI So Chun
19/03/2009 Review of Life History
─ Reflection on Social Justice
Rev. James HURLEY S.J.
26/03/2009 Culture of Interreligious Dialogue Rev. Sean DWAN, Ph. D.
02/04/2009 Inductive Methods in Science and Religion Rev. Francois BARRIQUAND, Ph. D.


Lectures and Interviews on Catholic-Buddhist Dialogue

Date Theme Speakers
20/03/2009 Contemplation and Zen ─ Spiritual Practices in Catholicism and Buddhism Rev. Dr. KWAN Tsun Tong, Thomas
(Associate Director, Research Fellow, Centre for Catholic Studies, CUHK; Prof, Moral Theology, Holy Spirit Seminary College)Venerable HueiZhao
(Fo Guang Shan Meditation Center Director)
08/05/2009 Cloister (Pravrajana) and Ministry ─ the Woman Identity in Catholicism and Buddhism Sister KWONG Lai Kuen
(Prof, Theology, Holy Spirit Seminary College, Sisters of the Precious Blood, SPB )Venerable ManLan
(Head Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau)
23/07/2009 Catholic-Buddhist View on Life-and-Death Rev. Simon WONG, SJ

Venerable HueiKai
(Professor and Chairman of Institute and Department of Life-and-Death Studies, Nanhua University, Taiwan)

26/11/2009 Modern Order and Community ─ Catholic-Buddhist Communal Life Rev. Giles CHONG
(Cellarer, Guest Master, Choir and Liturgical Master, OCSO)Venerable Juepei
(Member of Fo Guang Shan Religious Affairs Committee, General Secretary of BLIA ROC Headquarters, Chief Executive of Humanistic Buddhist Reading Association)
21/12/2009 Piety and Praise ─ Holy Music in Catholicism and Buddhism Dr. Allison SO
(Vice Chairperson of Sacred Music Commission, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong; Associate Professor of Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, HKIED)Venerable Yungfu
(Abbess of FoGuangShanPumenTemple, Choirmaster of FoGuangShan Fan-bei Choir, Vice-Secretary of Asia BLIA, Vice-Choirmaster of F.G.S. Sounds of the Human World Buddhist Chinese Orchestra)


Winter Talks

Date Theme Speakers
08/10/2009 Early Biblical Translations in Chinese Rev. Dr. Francois BARRIQUAND
Rev. Dr. HA Keloon, Louis
15/10/2009 Spirituality in School Learning and Family Life Rev. Dr. KWAN Tsun Tong, Thomas

Suffering Technology

Rev. Dr. Joseph THAM, LC MD PhD
05/11/2009 Mysticism ─ Fireworks of Suffering and Love Dr. Elizabeth CARR
11/11/2009 Steering Economics by Morality or by Rules and Regulations ─ Two Visions in Contrast or in Harmony? Fr. Michael RYAN, LC PhD
European Catholic Renaissance ─ Intellectual Challenges and the Ratio Studiorum (cancelled) Prof. Antonella ROMANO
25/11/2009 Documenting Formosan Languages Prof. Jozsef SZAKOS
02/12/2009 和合石的天地人 Rev. Dr. HA Keloon, Louis
09/12/2009 繼往開來 ─ 梵二思想的歷史背景 NG Ka Chai, Rev. Dr. Patrick TAVEIRNE