2008 Public Lectures

Church History

Date Theme Speakers
26/02/2008 The Mongol Minorities in the Eyes of CICM Missionaries Rev. Patrick TAVEIRNE
29/03/2008 History of Medieval Portugal Rev. Louis HA


英文的拉丁基礎 孫述宇教授
19/04/2008 Methods of Field Study Rev. Louis HA and Mr. Hardy TSOI
29/04/2008 Bible Production and Christian Reform in Early Medieval England Prof. Celia CHAZELLA
24/05/2008 East-West Sea Trade and Missionary Activities Mr. WONG Tin and Mr. HO Wai Kit


Spirituality and Life

Date Theme Speakers
07/03/2008 Dialogue on Spirituality between Chinese Culture and Christianity Dr. Ekman TAM and Rev. CHAU King Fun
01/06/2008 Spirituality Beyond Religion Rev. Thomas KWAN and Ven. Thich Chan Phap An


Religion and Contemporary Social Culture

Date Theme Speakers
05/05/2008 Three Documents of Vatican II that change the Roman Catholic Church Rev. Prof. Mark FANG and Rev. Savio HON


Religious Education

Date Theme Speakers
04-06/06/2008 Professional Training and Development for Teachers of Liberal Studies of Catholic Schools: Catholic Values in Liberal Studies
(co-organized with Religious and Moral Education Centre, Hong Kong Catholic Diocese)
Sr. Prof. Pete GOLDBERG
(Australian Catholic University)


Tuesday Winter Talks

Date Theme Speakers
11/11/2008 Life after Death?
– The Latin Language in the Modern World
(Honorary Research Associate, Centre for Catholic Studies)
18/11/2008 Genesis and Evolution
– Issues in Science and Religion
Prof. Maurice HOGAN
(Former member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, 1996-2007)
25/11/2008 Translation and Cultural Dialogue: Translation of Classics by Missionaries as Example Prof. HU Kung Tze Philip
(former Head, Department of German, Fujien University, Taiwan)
02/12/2008 Sino-Western Cultural Exchanges of Matteo Ricci: Contribution and Historical Status Prof. YU San Le
(Ricci Branch, Chinese Ming Dynasty Institute,中國明史學會利瑪竇分會常務副會長兼秘書長)
09/12/2008 Cloning and Stem Cells
– Latest Advances and Bioethical Analysis
Prof. Rev. Joseph THAM
(School of Bioethics, ReginaApostolorum Pontifical University)