2006 Public Lectures

Catholic Social Teachings Series

Date Theme Speakers
28/02/2006 Corporate Social Responsibility in an Era of Globalization Prof. Dennis P. McCANN
30/04/2006 Business Ethics and Just Wage Prof. Dennis P. McCANN, Dr. WONG Hung, Miss CHOI Wai Fun
18/05/2006 Catholic Social Teachings and Civil Society Prof. John COLEMAN
21/05/2006 Christian Identity, Citizenship and Role of Civil Servants Prof. John COLEMAN, Dr. CHAN Shun-Hing, Mr. HO Wing Him
23/06/2006 Evangelization and Living Our Faith in a Pluralistic Society Prof. Felix WILFRED, Miss Victoria YEUNG, Miss Rosa LAI


Religion and Society

Date Theme Speakers
26/02/2006 “God is Love” Seminar on Relationship between Church and State Prof. KUAN Hsin-Chi, Prof. CHAN Ka Lok, Rev. Stephen CHAN
07/03/2006 My Experience & View on Buddhist-Christian Dialogue Rev. Prof. James FREDERICK
23/05/2006 Catholic Studies and Social Engagement Prof. John COLEMAN
16/06/2006 The Vatican and Beijing ─ Prospects for Reconciliation Prof. Dennis P. McCANN
20/06/2006 Role and Contributions of Christianity and Theology in a Pluralist Society Prof. Felix WILFRED
23/10/2006 Desire, Discourse, and Memory ─ Civil Society Welcomes the Stranger Prof. Philip CHMIELEWSKI, Prof. LI Shiqiao
24/10/2006 Cyborg Engineers Hack Better Ethics Prof. Philip CHMIELEWSKI
01/11/2006 Franciscan Spirituality and Praxis Rev. TAM Kam-Wing, Dr. TANG Shui-Keung
13/11/2006 May Your Kingdom Come ─ Social Praxis of the HK Diocese and Theological Reflection Rev. CHOY Wai-man, Ms. Jackie HUNG Ling-Yu


Religion and History

Date Theme Speakers
06/06/2006 Research on Hong Kong Catholic Church History Rev. Sergio TICOZZI, PIME
07/06/2006 Culture and Art of Cemetery Prof. CHEUNG Chan Fai, Mr. KO Tim Keung & Rev. Louis HA
15/08/2006 Inter-religious Dialogue and Religious Others Prof. WANG Zhicheng
22/08/2006 Revelation from Documents about Medieval Age and Renaissance Miss Angela LAM
12/10/2006 Appointment of Bishops in East Asia Prof. QI Yinping
18/10/2006 The Problem of Medieval Investiture Prof. Uta-Renate BLUMENTHALZ, Prof. Nelson MINNICH
09/11/2006 Maryknoll Sisters and Hong Kong (1921-1969) Prof. Cindy CHU
14/11/2006 Missionary Activities in Ming and Ching Dynasties Prof. QI Yingping, Prof. WU Boya
21/11/2006 Research Theories and Methodologies of Church History Prof. Bernard LUK Hung-kay
27/11/2006 Funeral Rites of Chinese Christians in the 17th Century Prof. Nicholas STANDAERT


明末天主教徒的經世實學 ─ 以山西教徒韓霖的著作為例 李凌翰博士


History of Paris Foreigh Missions in Hong Kong

Dr. Alain Le PICHON