M.A. Programme in Religous Studies

(Courses which will be offered in Catholic Studies in 2012-2013)

RST 5276 Theology of Vatican II (2012 Jan)
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Choy Waiman

The purpose of this course is to introduce the contemporary Catholic theology through the study of Vatican II documents. The course will explore how the Vatican II council reconsiders her faith, with special attention to the relationship between grace and nature, church and world, hierarchy and charism, in the light of Eastern and Western theological tradition.

RST 5275 Spirituality and Religious Congregations (2013 Jan)
Instructors: Rev. Dr. KWAN Tsun Tong
, Br. William Ng, OFM

This course offers a textual and thematic survey of developments of the major religious traditions in the Catholic Church, as they reflect the experience of God and its expression in piety, practice and ministry. Common characteristics and representative figures will be studied through lectures, critical reading and discussion of primary texts. The class will also examine modern interpretation of more traditional forms of spirituality.

RST 5277 Catholic Studies: Special Topic I – Catholic Theological Ethics(2013 Sep)
Instructor: (TBA)

This course explores the foundational aspects of Catholic theological ethics, including: its historical development; the human person as a moral agent; and the sources of Catholic theological ethics. Three contemporary approaches of doing theological ethics by Catholic ethicists are introduced. Since theological ethics is a discipline of practical
reasoning, concrete ethical issues raised in specific fields of theological ethics are also discussed.