About us

Centre’s Work

  1. Academic Research:
    Launching a scheme for visiting scholars / professors in Catholic Studies, inviting eminent scholars worldwide to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to do research, teach, or give public lectures.
    Appointing and sponsoring local and non-local scholars to conduct research, especially on exploring relationships between the Catholic Church and the society from both the historical and contemporary perspectives.
  2. University Education:
    Through the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK, the Centre helps to:

    1. Facilitate financial and academic support to Master/Doctorate students specializing in Catholic Studies research work.
    2. Establish a Stream of Catholic Studies within the curriculum of the MA in Religious Studies programme.
    3. Provide Undergraduate courses and general education courses related to Catholic Studies.

  3. Academic Conference:Organizing conference related to Catholic Studies.
  4. Scholarly Publication:Publishing academic works on Catholic Studies, including periodicals and books series.
  5. Disseminating Knowledge of Catholic Culture:Making efforts to spread Catholic culture in variety of forms, e.g. public lectures, exhibition, etc.